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 Supporting & Partners working towards Revo’s Seccus goals




Partnerships to support Revo’s Seccus mission in reducing unemployment and supporting the growth business ownership, which in turn will increase employment are.

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  1. Pablo says:

    I would recommend going to and using the uni choesor tool. You enter the courses you’re interested in and it comes up with all the unis that offer that course, you can then narrow these choices down further by using other options such as location (e.g. if you don’t mind going to England or Wales but don’t want to go to Scotland you can eliminate Scottish unis) and any other factors which are important to you in a uni (e.g. cost of living, price of booze, male to female ratio, etc).You could also search for courses on which is the website you use to applyBoth sites show you the entry requirements for the unis it comes up with and have links to each unis website so you can explore their online prospectuses and see what modules each university offers so you can make your mind up as to what is the best uni for you

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